About Clients.Care

If you're not already using clients.care, let me introduce you to the client management system we've developed to help us (and now you) assess clients and manage the paperwork involved!

Client Assessments

  • Online Client Access
  • Numerous self-assessment tools:


         Auditory Processing Test
         Daily self-report
         Health survey
         Developmental Milestones
         Sleep survey

  • Automatically generated remediation activities for the 7 highest rated personal issues

  • Client Administration

  • Online, secure storage of Client files
  •      Survey results
         Session notes
         Ancillary documents
  • Office support documents
  •      Intake forms
         Client Consents, etc.
  • 100+ Support protocols
  • Powerpoint presentations
  • Master Class video library
  • More!!!

  • We can now share this fantastic system with you to help with your practice! It's designed to offer you a secure, online password protected location to host all of your office's needs. Let's set up a time for me to walk you through all the system has to offer for only $100 per month! Email me here marc@cognitive-connections.com, I'd love to show you the system and discuss how it can help you, your clients and your office!!